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By | October 20, 2019

There are several types of Digitizing Services. If we look around we will notice that everything has been digitized in our world. These types are often either home, official document, legal and other type of paper work or designs, photos, images Etc. In Embroidery designing, good digitizing company put lots of effort to not only make design digitized but with high quality. MEGA DIGITIZING is of those types of companies who really put efforts on every design to make it appealing to their client’s customers.

Embroidery Digitizing

Having served for over 20 years, we at Mega Digitizing have digitized almost everything either artwork on paper draw by pencil or a very rough image which is hard to digitize. Normally with other digitizing company they will simply reject the artwork and will ask you to go for their vector art service which they will charge extra $15 or so depending on the artwork and after all this they may send you digitize files which may turn out bad and they will say that it’s due to the bad quality image. Mega Digitizing always takes care of design and if it’needs to be vector we do it ourselves without asking for extra charge from our client so that it becomes economical for both client and his customer.

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