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Leather Patches using  Printing, Engraving, Emboss, Deboss

Leather Patches Customized to Your Needs

Custom leather patches one of the simplest, and most powerful ways to convey to your buyers the superiority of your clothing brand is by using real leather labels or patches. A smart substitute for old-style woven labels. Leather patches give your clothing line a look of authority and craftsmanship while allowing your inspiration to shine through. Leather material is synonymous with power, making your clothing line synonymous with excellence and putting it above the race.

A Unique Way for Branding

Leather patches and labels are high-class and unique; they help to increase sales and clothing brand loyalty for everyone. The real leather material has a tendency to differ in terms of color and thickness. This feature gives your clothing line a custom and natural look that cannot be duplicated, easily. Synthetic leather patches and suede leather patches offer another level of uniqueness, allowing for a broader range of colors while still offering the look and feel of the leather material. They are soft and flexible, you can place leather patches on many clothing articles, from jackets to jeans, caps to hats, and are the top choice among fashion and clothing designers.

Embossed, Debossed, Laser-Engraved Leather, Printed and Leather Embroidery Patches

We can create custom, one-of-a-kind leather patches or labels that speak to your buyers. We offer embossed, debossed, laser-engraved, silk screen printed, and embroidered leather patches and labels. There is no limit to the types of leather patches and labels we can produce for you, helping to take your clothing line to the next level. Using our skills and experience, we produce leather labels and patches in any shape, color, or size, bringing your visions and ideas to life. Just like the embroidered patches and woven labels we produce, our work is synonymous quality and integrity and is one step above the competition.

Custom leather patches and labels are a statement piece, giving your clothing brand a promptly identifiable uniqueness that silently and expressively speaks of quality. Using a variety of techniques and colors, they can be made to decorate any clothing articles. Leather patches and labels can take any collection and give it a designer feel. The traditional real leather material comes in natural colors like black, brown and tan, suede and synthetic (artificial material) options offer you the way of using almost any colors without losing quality. Leather patches and labels can be printed, embroidered, or embossed, for distinctive looks that fit any clothing line and price range.

Leather Labels Make Buyers Take a Closer Look at Your Products

Strong, yet elegant, they give durability to your items and can withstand after multiple times of washing or handlings. They are meant to be visible and look great on the outer portions of jackets, hats, jeans, shoes, shirts, and bags, so they jump out and grab the buyers’ attention. Leather patches and labels are a prospect to gain buyers before they even try on your clothing; that is the reason the real leather material is your one of best options available. Uncommon and different amongst a lot of woven and paper labels, leather calls out to buyers, leather labels make buyers take a closer look at your clothing line.