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Woven Patches Customized to Your Needs

Custom iron on clothing labels or woven patches are vital for branding. When it comes to decorating clothing, there are quite a number of choices that you can decide to go for; and one of them is custom iron on labels. It is one of the most popular methods to brand a clothing line. Woven patches, usually made with even thinner and fine threads, they are used when an emphasis is placed on small details and if a label contains small lettering. So, if your logo has any of very small details, you must consider custom iron on clothing labels also called stick on clothing labels. Please note that stick on clothing labels are applied by using a heat press machine. They have adhesive backing also called iron on backing. You may also consider custom Velcro patches.

Threads used in Woven Patches

We use thinner threads or yarns for woven patches, as opposed to thicker threads used for custom embroidered patches. This weaving method makes it possible for woven patches to be produced in much smaller size with the great amount of details and letters. This approach also makes it possible to use woven patches as custom iron on clothing labels either on the inside of clothing, e.g. on the lining of jackets and skirts or on the outside of jackets, shirts, caps, hats, jeans, backpacks, and so on. We produce low density and high density stick on clothing labels. Labels with low density means they have low thread count. It is like pixels in an image. The higher the pixels, the better the results.

Backing Options for Custom Woven Patches

 As for the backing options available for woven patches, we have offer:

Velcro - Woven patches can be done as custom Velcro patches. Patches with Velcro backing can be used on multiple applications. You need just custom Velcro patches for an event. No need to buy new shirts and caps for every event if you use custom Velcro patches. The Velcro backing gives you the opportunity to wear the same woven patch on multiple clothing articles.

Self-Adhesive - Our custom iron on clothing labels come with peel-and-stick. They are good for one or two times uses. If you need to attend a trade show or an event and you would like to decorate your clothing, this is the perfect backing choice for you. To apply patches with Peel-and-stick backing, you need to simply remove the backing (the carrier paper) from the patch, position it wherever you would like it to be seen, and press down gently with your hands. This backing has a sticky material on the back of the patch that keeps the patch in place, firmly.

Iron On – We do iron on labels, iron on name labels, and iron on fabric labels. They also called stick on clothing labels. The simplest way to apply woven patches. If you decide to go for the custom iron on labels, that means you are not expecting to move the patch from one garment to another one as we do with patches with Velcro backing.

Plastic Lamination - It requires that patches are sewn on clothing. This backing makes patches stiff and gives a smooth look on the back side.

Who uses Woven Patches?

Being something that is used to distinguish or set a brand apart from some others, woven patches can be used on the police uniforms, firefighters’ uniforms, bikers jacket and vest, and girls scouts. There are many choices when it comes to decorating your clothing. If you do not like the idea of using custom iron on clothing labels, you can as well try out embroidered patches or printed patches. Embroidered patches differ from the woven ones because of the threads used, the embroidered patches are thicker and have a 3-D look, thanks to the threads. Special viscose or polyester threads are used on twill material. Therefore, they are generally more expensive than woven patches.

Why Woven Patches?

The first advantage of using custom iron on labels is we can put very small letters, thin outlines, and tiny graphics in a small sized patch. The second benefit is they are less expensive when producing in large quantities. The cost is almost same for 100 woven patches and 100 embroidered patches, but cost reduces significantly when quantity increases. The third positive thing is their weight; they are flat, soft, light-weight, and more comfortable than the embroidered patches or printed patches.

Why Us?

Not sure where you can get custom Velcro patches for your garments? Contact us today, and we will help you with everything you need, e.g. custom Velcro patches, flag patches, cool Velcro patches, iron on fabric labels, iron on labels, iron on name labels, stick on clothing labels, or anything else. All you need to send us is the logo artwork with specifications, and we will get to work right away. Do not worry about the prices. We have got the best deals you will not find anywhere else.