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Add the Color Code in The Design File For Embroidery Digitizing?

Are you finding difficulty in color code,  in your design, well not anymore.  It isn’t usually a difficult task to deal with, but you must follow all of the steps to ensure that you do it correctly or find Embroidery digitizing color code services for better performance. 

To do so, you’ll need the Wilcom utility installed on your device, so follow along as we walk you through the procedure step by step!

Step 1:

For embroidery digitizing, open your Wilcom utility, it may take a bit to load depending on your machine; once it does, you’ll see a gray blank canvas for your screen.

Step 2:

After you’ve installed your software, go to the menu bar, and select “File,” then “Open Design” for embroidery patches, from the drop-down option. You may also use your keyboard to accomplish this by pressing CTRL + O, which should open a speak box for you to utilize.

Step 3: 

After starting the DST report, it will be imported, and you will see that record loaded on the canvas of your utility.

Now comes the crucial part: you must be aware that you can choose your document in numerous chunks, depending on which area, for embroidery digitizing, you want to adjust the hue of.

To change the complete color scheme, you must first select the entire document, which you can do by double-clicking on it.

Step 4: 

After you’ve selected your DST document, you can easily change its coloration by choosing from a variety of shade options. On the bottom facet, just above the status bar, you’ll notice a number of unique color variations; select your favorite color by clicking on the color pellet, and your color will be applied. 

Step 5:


As we previously stated, this allows you to trade the colors you have to choose from, and you can even select your report for embroidery patches, in many chunks; the benefit of doing so is that you may modify the color of a small piece based on your needs.

You can add color to both single and many items in your DST file.

Step 6: 

Now that you’ve altered the color of your DST file, it’s critical to save it. You can save it by clicking “File” or by using CTRL + S, which will show a save dialog box for you. It’s critical to remember which option you select. DST report format from the drop-down saving option; if you select a few different options, your document can be saved in a variety of formats; that’s something we don’t need right now.

Give your record a name and save it as a DST file.

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