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Custom Woven patches are fantastic for branding and personalization. They can stretch stitch across a cloth background with finesse. This results in a tapestry-like representation of your brand or design. This time-honored aesthetic is ageless. To achieve a clean and basic look, pick strings of a single color. Mega digitizing applies each color using a different patch to achieve the final look of the logo or design. This is of exceptional quality! Do you want patches that stand out? You may select various colors to be woven together to create a bright and complex landscape

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The weave of a woven patch, like that of a woven label, is constructed with a considerably thinner thread. Thinner threads allow for a tighter weave, allowing for more detail in the artwork. The threads also create cleaner lines and a flatter appearance, similar to that of a printed garment.
Create the look of a traditional embroidered patch while maintaining the exquisite feel and fine detail of a woven label. Our weaving method and superior thread choices enable us to reproduce exquisite detail to mimic your digital images in up to 12 thread colors. Your unique form comes with a lightweight sew-on, iron-on, or peel-and-stick backing and can be laser cut or traditional stitched. The finish of your totally personalized stitched patches will not disappoint you.


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Purchasing Woven Patches.

It's never been easier to order bespoke sewn patches. Simply contact our staff with your woven logo or a rough sketch of what you want your patch to look like. After that, a professional designer will contact you. We collaborate with you throughout the process to ensure that the finished result is ideal for your business, corporation, or cause. During your consultation, you will choose an adhesive backing style and verify that your completed product can be connected in a manner that meets your requirements.
Our personalized Woven logo Patches will help you and your brand stand out in a crowd. The custom Woven Patch is a flexible product that may be used as a fashion statement, a method of identification, or a utilitarian addition to a uniform or an outfit. It is also quite effective in sports equipment, outdoor activities, and a variety of other applications. Create your own Woven Patch right now.


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Mega digitizing has been providing patches, embroidery, and design services for years with a quick response and high-quality service. With a diverse and loyal clientele that includes ski and snowboard companies, bike companies, and yoga studios. There are water-based and plastisol inks, as well as foil and metallic. As evidenced by a large number of repeat customers, we provide high-quality work and excellent customer service. Keep up with all the things on Mega digitizing. convenience.


Our simple Success Formula.

Mega digitizing and other promotional apparel with manual and automated presses are part of our simple success formula. We also offer wholesale contract woven patches for your brand. Our profit-sharing employees provide exceptional customer service and workmanship right here in Canada. At Mega Digitizing patches, we only provide the highest quality patches, consistent finishing, and quick worldwide fulfilment. Provide the best goods at the best prices to our customers, as well as service and long-term relationships with our vendors, workers, and customers. Our best woven patches services may assist increase brand recognition, let employees identify themselves, or even add a splash of flair or color to a uniform, making them ideal for corporate uniforms, sports teams, and bespoke fashion brand patches. When your design has a lot of detail and colors, woven patches are a wonderful choice. Woven Patches are lightweight and flexible, making them ideal for usage on sportswear or in active organizations or enterprises.


Our FAQ's

Woven patches have a smooth surface and a seamless appearance. Woven patches are preferred by customers who want a patch with small writing and fine features due to its tight weave pattern and smooth feel.

Yes, as we tend to declared above–woven patches square measure washable. You don’t need to be afraid to scrub shirts, jackets, luggage, and a lot of if they need plain-woven patches.

Your order can be one or hundreds of items; there is no limit to the number of items you can order, and we will deliver it on time and in the best possible condition..