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Send us your ideas on our website to request custom embroidery. Employees can wear embroidered logos on polo shirts, caps, hats, jackets, or button downs to promote your company both in and out of the office. Request custom-embroidered hats, sweatshirts, or shorts, or embroidered sports uniforms to represent your school or favorite sports team. You can even design a uniform for your team or club that incorporates your own designs

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With Super Embroidery Digitizing, Explore Embroidery Design Possibilities.

We are all aware that contemporary needlework has progressed significantly since its inception. Embroidery digitizing has evolved to include a wide range of cultures and nationalities. Machine embroidery designs are in high demand among people of all ages, from the Irish royals to New York punks. Mega Digitizing offers a limitless number of embroidery designs that may be adjusted to meet the needs of the client.

Brand Marketing And Our Custom Embroidery Digitizing.

Brand marketing is a term that refers to the marketing of a product. Mega digitizing now offers online embroidery designs for logo embroidery on a variety of bespoke merchandize such as embroidery caps, T-shirts, towels, and other accessories for effective brand promotion and marketing. For example, embroidered polo T-shirts play a significant part in establishing credibility with potential clients.You may read about embroidered shirts here.


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Mega Digitizing-the leading way to success

Mega digitizing is the top custom embroidery digitizing service that has continually outperformed competition with our passion for improvement and devotion to delivery. We have maintained our passion to deliver the highest standard digitizing services to clients spread across Canada and internationally with decades of experience covering all aspects of custom embroidery digitizing services.
Our global experience and dedication to quality have allowed us to acquire cutting-edge technology that outperforms the old method and gives the finest quality custom embroidery digitizing services to our customers.
Today, we have one of the largest purpose-built infrastructures for custom embroidery in the industry, with the best and most experienced designers and digitizers ready to take on all of our clients' custom embroidery digitizing needs, including cap/hat digitizing, custom vector art conversion, T-shirt’s digitizing, jacket back digitizing, and more.


Quickest Turnaround For Embroidery Digitizing.

Our custom embroidery digitizers collaborate closely with our sales and support teams to guarantee that each customer receives a well-tailored and personalized experience. For custom embroidery digitizing, we offer the shortest turnaround. No worries if you need a logo design on your cap/hat or T-shirt in few hours! That is something we can accomplish. Simply email the details and phone us to let us know that you need the embroidery designed in minimum time. We will tailor your request to meet your needs. The digitizing process for embroidery is evolving these days; many "newcomers" are regularly joining the industry and creating a mass! Always seek out a seasoned digitizing service.

Our Working Strategy For Custom Embroidery Digitizing.

It's a matter of personal preference. Let's say you want to digitize bespoke embroidery designs or logos for promotional products on your cap, shirt, jacket, or anywhere else. The procedure is straightforward: simply fill out the following form with your design and criteria. For embroidery digitizing, you can attach any type of file, such as PNG, jpg, or pdf. If you don't have a design, you can draw a basic sketch of your logo on paper, design it yourself, or hire a professional designer. Then, with your design attached and all of your specifications for embroidery digitizing work, place an order.


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Without a doubt, we do. We believe in delivering high-quality work in the shortest time possible.

Yes, we take urgent orders for custom embroidery, as our professionals provide the best quality in less time.

At Mega Digitizing, we combine our artists' knowledge with software to create the ideal custom embroidered designs for you

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