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Digitizing (Regular Price Plan)

Any Left Chest or Cap (Unlimited stitch counts colors) = $15

Full Jacket Back Design (Unlimited stitch counts colors)= $30

Revision/Edit (Minor Editing) = Free

Vectorizing (Lump sum Price Plan)

Vector Simple = $15

Vector Medium = $25

Vector Complex = $50 Depend on Complexity

Revision/Edit (Minor Editing) = Free

Patches (Lump sum Price Plan)

For Lump sum price contact at [email protected]

Special Note:

1: There is no charges for Price Quotes, Revision, Edit (Minor) and Color separation for Vectoring

2: We have already reasonable pricing but in order to Pleased our customer we have option for Special Discount for volume Orders.

Free Artwork & Design
Free Setup For Patches
Free Shipping
Up To 7 Free Thread Colors