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Looking for an efficient and affordable embroidery digitizing company that can deliver you quality work timely? How about partnering with a company that takes pride in its quality and customer servicing?

Embroidery Digitizing Services

We specialize in small text digitizing, 3d puff embroidery digitizing, Applique digitizing, and all other digitizing techniques for all possible categories like left chest logos, jacket back logos, patches on various fabrics, textures, fashion apparel etc.

- No charges for rush / urgent jobs 
- No extra charges for minor revisions 
- Free price quotes with digital sew-outs 
- 100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed 
- 24/7 Customer support 
- Team of Usa Digitizers(Wilcom Digitizers & Tajima Pulse Digitizers) 
- Best Embroidery Digitizing Service 
- Money back guarantee
- PXF/EMB Native Files
- Dedicated Digitizer for every client
- 8-12 Quick turnaround time
- Sew out available on request

We have team of Usa digitizers who works in close conjunction with our sales/support team to ensure a well-rounded and personalized experience for each client.


Our Embroidery Digitizing Services Include

We have the world's finest embroidery digitizers based in USA with complete knowledge of ways to convert artwork into vector art and methods to digitize logo for embroidery machines. We aim for ample perfection with minimal chances of errors without deviating from the original version in process.
You can get your desired artwork and embroidery logo digitized into machine ready file on demand using our highly qualified and experienced professional digitizers.
Moreover we usually provide files in the DST format, but if our clients demands, we are willing to provide them in EXP, EMB, CND,DSZ, DSB,KSM,XXX,T09,T05, T04, T03, T01, TAP, EMT, SEW, HUS, JEF, PCS, PCD, PES, PEC, CSD and PCQ formats.
We assure you we can handle all your special requirements whether it is embroidery digitization of small letters, puff designs , 3D effects or vector art conversion to resize an image without distortion.
We offer you the finest conversion products on affordable rates so you can enjoy our personalized services. Some examples of our inexpensive endeavours are as follows :
It is not everyday you come across such great offers at cheapest prices with amazing quality hence building our trust of clients since many years and wish to be of more service to everyone in the years to come.
We are majorly recognized for converting the most complex artwork with accuracy, cheap rates and speedy job-done. Our motto is to help our clients get ahead of the pack by using our updated technology run by our highly qualified professionals. We can digitize any image for embroidery whether it being for uniforms, logos, dresses etc. We aim to obtain top-rated outcome for our clients using the best automations in town making it worth every penny.
Working for the industry since 1995 we have built a huge name in the market with satisfied clients from all over the world. Our in-house team of skilled digitizers work efficiently with updated technology and automation to exceed your expectations. Left crest digitizing is one of chief assets of Mega digitizing whether it is a professional corporate logo or informal design.
Logo and small letter embroidery digitizing are our main areas of expertise. Left chest digitizing on your company's employees uniform is an amazing way to promote your brand in a distinctive manner. Whether you are established or an arising apparel brand , a food chain, a cafe, equipments shop or any organization the whole staff should get a monogram embroidered on their uniform to symbolize unison.
Small or medium businesses are more inclined towards pocket digitizing. We offer great expertise and remarkable skill in this area to digitize on pockets with timely delivery for inexpensive charges. Contact right away for an incredible offer.
Are you looking for Cap digitizing service? Go no further because you have arrived at the place which provides infallible digitized files at the earliest time possible. Building satisfaction of thousands of clients everyday with our complete knowlege in Cap digitizing, Your order is just a click away!.
Hat digitizing is also one of our many specialized areas. Many international clients benefit from our impeccable services at cheapest prices. Digitizing for hats is pretty complex and requires minute detailing but our highly qualified team of in-house digitizers are willing to take upon any challenge and ensure best results.
With jacket back digitizing popping up in style these days due to its artistic look, we are your best bet for it. Get your jackets digitized by our capable digitizers with the highest updated technology, sit back and relax while you enjoy our quick service. Having delivered thousands of digitized files we have enough experience to exceed your expectation. Give us a try!
Want to show off your fashion sense? Sleeve digitizing is all the rage in the market now. Get your logos designed according to your personal preference on your sleeves! It possess potential as it is gathering huge demand. Contact us and let us know what your requirements are and we will make sure to shine you above all.
We also provide gloves digitizing to give you the modern chic look and upgrade your iconic style. We deliver in a very short time after ensuring the embroidered design is upto your mark. Our experts can handle any shape, any size of multiple complexities. Order now to make your own fashion statement.
Are you looking for Towel punches done for your hotel, spa or home ? Avail our services to promote your brand in a ravishing style. We are up for any challenge any time of the day. Give us a try, your orders are just a click away. Don't miss this chance and get your towels punched at throw away prices.
You can also order embroidered designs for your napkins whether you require for hotels, weddings or engagement parties. We intend to revolutionize the digitizing industry with our handling of intricate designs such as that on napkins. Let's connect and come up with a great package to make your day.
Do you want your beanie digitized? Make your own ravishing fashion statement by getting logos punched on beanie which our customers enjoy talking about. Our team of highly skilled in-house digitizers work on the latest technology to give you flawless results.
If you want your embroidery to stand out on a certain apparel why not go for 3D puff digitising? It is also known as raised embroidery. We are proud to say we have just the right kind of digitisers waiting for your order having years of experience and command over updated automation to please your needs. Order right now to get the best results within short duration of time.
When it comes to Logo digitizing, we have always been the first preference for thousands of customers because we respond promptly and deliver the best qualities. We understand the importance of promoting brand logos and it's influence over advertising so we handle each design with care. Our digitizers cherish every order and ensures customer satisfaction.
Try out our custom digitizing of embroidery designs. We are pioneers in the digitizing industry having digitizers using the latest software technology to ensure quality stitch by stitch comes out as desired irrespective of its complexity.
Does it cost you a fortune just to get your patches digitized? Worry no more because we provide phenomenal services of patch digitizing at the cheapest rates. Before you get anything embroidered you first have to get patches digitized so why put on tomorrow what you can order now! Let's connect and place your order.
Applique embroidery is one of the many ways to spice up your apparel and make it look outstanding. It requires precision and perfect handling of automation which only we offer at a price that won't cost you a leg. Create your beautiful designs and be confident to flaunt it around. You may use our remarlable services as per your liking. We ensure you'll never be disappointed.
It is not everyday you come across high skilled digitizers who have sound knowledge of perfect alignment and placement of font or letters on your embroidery designs. Here we provide our customers error free digitized files to avoid them from any hassles. Order letter digitized files and avail our customized services at the cheapest rates around.
You can count on us when it comes to badge digitising since we have been pioneers in this industry widely known for our high skilled handling of technical embroidered designs. We provide just about anything digitized in a manner which leaves our customers awe-struck. Contact us to explore all possible options of getting your products digitized at throw away prices!
Pattern digitizing is a complex process in which multiple errors can occur if not handled by high-tech professionals. We offer flawless results and assure all our clients get the files delivered to their inbox in the shortest possible timeframe.

Vector Art Services

In the digital universe there are two types of graphic files : Vector and Rastor. One of the most essential elements to promoting and advertising a set-up is Vector art. Vector art is highly in trend these days due to its attractive appearance but infact it is flexible and scalable which further attracts its usage. Scalability refers to the ability of handling increased demands without any compromise on the quality of image itself.
Price for Vector art conversion starts from $15 and maximum is $45. Would like to let you know that 90% of the Vector artwork conversion done in just $15.
When we talk about Raster it is important to understand where raster comes to use. It is an image that consists of a grid of pixels which can be viewed over a monitor or paper etc. Raster requires giving importance to detailing. But in any case scenario it can't be said if vector or raster usage is superior over the other.
But as mentioned earlier vector art is more suitable for advertising and promotions . Reason being the technical issues of images being in raster formats such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, PDF or whether it is in Bitmap format , it can't be handled for use on branding purposes. On violating this rule, the quality of the image will be comprehended distorting the pixels and eventually resulting in a graphic art that isn't visually pleasing.
If you are annoyed by complicated rasters, you can also get it convertered into vector formats such as EPS, CDR, or Al. Our Vector services have a diverse range of usage. Pixels are never distorted when you zoom in keeping it visually pleasable and your quality of product is not compromised. Vector graphic art is best used for promotion of logos and branding of companies. They're easy to manage and gives that perfect look of the graphic art.

Can we interest you further if we tell you , we are offering the cheapest rates for this magnificent service although our digitizers are highly skilled , proficient professionals?

We love doing business with loyal customers and our topmost priority is their satisfaction. So even if there is something in the first received vector that bugs you, We will take full responsibilty to have it changed until it reaches your expectation and you're appeased by it.
Megadigitizing is proud to announce that we excel in the department of vectorization such that it surpasses ordinary standards. Our team of highly proficient digitizers possess outstanding qualities and experience to meet with customer demands all over the world. Connect with us to get your design beyond your expectations with timely delivery.
Vectorizing is the method by which conversion of a raster image takes place into a format whose size can be altered without comprehending the original quality. Hence, it proves to be the best product method for advertisement and promotions of brands.
Megadigitizing puts customer demands before anything else. We reassure our potential customers free editing to their received vector files from us if it doesn't fulfill their criteria. This way we intend to maintain strong relationship with our customers all over the world.
The programs that we use to create vector arts are Illustrator by Adobe or Corel draw. Our team off in-house digitizers are well experienced with these softwares to provide our customers with high quality graphics quality. Updating the softwares enables the digitizers to improve each day with the latest technologies and fulfill all graphics-related necessities.
Raster file conversion into vector art isnt actually as simple as it sounds. It has to be done manually by an experience digitizer with updated level of expertise who copies each and every constituent by hand. However we have always been able to provide this magnificent service in a very short time to our clients.
Raster image has a slight disadvantage that it can't be resized as per your needs. In doing so it distorts the pixels which gives it an unappeasing appearance. This is why vectors play the key role in promotional materials so that it enables one to zoom ,stretch, shrink or upsize the graphic art as desired.

Best Quality Results


24/7 Support


Unlimited Edits


Digitized files always available


Real Sew out available on request


Dedicated Digitizer to every Client


Difference of flat digitizing and puff digitizing

Flat Hat Digitizing

Embroidery on hats and caps has been prominent in fashion and uniform for decades now and its presence and significance has not diminished by any degree within the fashion forward times of today. However, most of the embroidered caps available for purchase are based on already established designs like famous brands, sports based or with an emblem of some sort but due with the technologically accelerated times of today, people have the option to personalize caps for their personal self, using Cap Digitizing. Caps digitizing is carried out a bit differently because of the curved nature of the cap and to compensate for the seams to get that curved shape. It is done expertly, using the center out technique, starting from the bottom of the cap so that the finalized embroidered design renders itself like a normal machine digitized design. Puff and chenille machine embroidered caps are quite commonplace but still as effective as they were in the past. Mega Digitizing guaranteed for the best quality sewn out result on caps.

3D Puff Digitizing

You may have noticed some designs on hats with thick threads that look stunning. Those are 3d puff designs and are different from the flat designs. Most people are familiar with flat embroidery but many face difficulties in getting their hands on 3d puff embroidery. 3d puff digitizing files are different from flat embroidery digitizing files.
Steps for 3D puff embroidery.
- Cut the foam according to your design needs. It will be good if you use the same color foam as thread.
- Fill the flat stitches first on the fabric.
- Stop the machine, it's better to ask your digitizer to have a stop after flat stitches so that you can place the foam.
- Place the foam and then start stitching.
- Pull off the foam, it should tear away easily.
- Final step would be retouching. Use a pointed tool to poke in the peeking foam left over.


How it Works


Step 1 - Register

Register as a new user Registration After login, you will see Digitizing tab at the top left corner. Select "Place an orders for Digitizing" and Fill out the form for the design.


Step 2 - Confirmation and Processing

After submittion of the design, you will receive an email as confirmation. We will start Digitizing and Your design will be ready within 2-8 hours.


Step 3 - Payment for Files

We will send Digitized Jpg and pdf for approval and Payment link. Once paid we will email you the files and also you will be able to download the files from our website.



Vector art is a term used to convert raster design into vectors. It's created by using Adobe illustrator or Corel Draw softwares. Raster art is an array of pixels of various colors forming an image and vector arts are composed of paths. For the last 10 years, we at MEGA Digitizing have been providing great low price vector art services in the USA. You will get dedicated professional vector art graphic designers to meet your needs without compromising the quality of the design. It is important to have an expert which understands what needs to be done in order to make design for printing as in industry there are many methods of printing namely screen printing, dye sublimation, heat transfer or direct to garment also called DTG. When choosing a vector artist it is important that design is in good hands and work will be done on time as well as within your budget. Every design that we vector is made by hand and we don't use auto processes making sure that work is of top notch. If you have any rough image or detail is too small to look good on apparel try our service and see the difference. Mega Digitizing is your one stop shop for all your Screen Printing and Digitizing needs.

vector art design1

Great offer for Embroidery Patches QUANTITY:10-50 IN $85 AND 51-100 IN $120

Embroidery Digitizing Services in USA

embroidery digitizing

We provide logo embroidery digitizing services and over the last two decades gain experience in small text digitizing, 3D puff digitizing, applique digitizing and all others digitizing techniques for all possible fabrics and placement like left chest logos, jacket back, sleeve, cap and patches as well. It takes years of practice to master in digitizing and we have been in the digitizing industry for 20 years. We are masters in Wilcom digitizing software as well as Tajima Pulse Digitizing and can provide native files EMB, PXF so that our clients can edit themselves when needed. Embroidery Digitizing is an art which has its own language and takes years of practice to master it. We don't use shortcuts, auto-digitizing every letter and objects is digitized manually by our digitizing experts and we provide a dedicated digitizer to every client so that there is no change of quality in digitizing from our end. We know everything about embroidery digitizing and our experience and knowledge is what makes us different from other embroidery digitizing companies out there. We have a team of USA Digitizers who  work in close conjunction with our sales/support team to ensure a well-rounded and personalized experience for each client.  If you are looking for embroidery digitizers in USA  for your business needs please contact us.


Our Happy Customer


I would like to send my gratitude for the beautiful work piece your compagny did for me. We have made a t-shirt tonight to try it out and it is exactly what we were looking for and it came out beautifully. Please be assure that we will do business with you again and I will definitely give the name of you company to my friends.

Sharon-Embroidery Works Alaska

Just wanted to thank you again for getting these for me. You always go above and beyond for me and that's why it's a pleasure working with you. People ask me all the time Why don't you get into digitizing? Easy answer for me I say, I have the best digitizer so why do I need to? You guys are awesome. Thanks

Gilbert Embroidery Works


Wow work done on time and response was within 24 hours. Thank you for your service.

Tom Embroidery


My customers are so happy with your work You guys are simply awesome! Thanks, for all your help.

Tony - Our Customer<