JPG To DST Conversion

By | February 9, 2020

Convert JPEG to Dst

While dealing with images, one of the most familiar image format terms one stumbles upon is JPG, also equivalent to JPEG. It is a type of image compression having more than one file extensions associated with it. The whole process of converting a design such as a JPG file into a DST file for fabric is called embroidery digitizing. As easy as it sounds, it is a pretty complex method demanding high expertise on automation, heavy machinery and creative ability.

Conventional image formats are widely adopted making its conversion unambiguous and clear cut. On the contrary a JPG file can not be converted into DST by simply clicking on the Save as option.

Now that you know that there is not a quick fix solution for conversion of JPG to DST conversion we should look for alternative as solution for this. Let’s start with basic to avoid complex detail involve in the process. Essentially to know what is DST File, where we use it and why there is a need of JPG TO DST conversion.

What Is A DST Format File?


a DST file is a format used for embroidery and holds instructions which is readable by many embroidery machines across the world. World’s leading embroidery machine manufacturer Tajima Pulse introduced DST format for embroidery. This should explain why it is becoming important to make JPG TO DST conversion.

Today we have modern computerized embroidery machine which are very efficient and smart. Majority of the operations are automated or semi-automated as compare to the old school where each stitch has to be crafted by hand carefully. These advance modern embroidery machines has completely vanished the manual effort from the process. It’s been replaced with smart, efficient embroidery machine that handle all the task.

So question is how does machine know what tasks needs to be done and where to place the stitches in pattern and then command the machine to make the trim. There must be a controlling mechanism to keep the things in order step by step. This is where DST format files comes into play. Without embroidery format file like DST, embroidery machine does not work it’s own and wouldn’t be able to understand the design pattern for placing the stitches. In short, in order to embroider the design it must be in DST format or a similar machine native format.

How JPG to DST Conversion works?

Up till now the perception that you had for conversion of JPG to DST should have changed now but there may be still confusion about how these DST files created.

DST files are created from scratch and thing is that not everyone can create these DST format. To use these files for commercial and professional purposes it should be prepared by professional.

These process to prepared these files are well known in embroidery world as embroidery digitizing or embroidery punching. As an example to give you better understanding we will take a JPG image and import it in our digitizing software. Person who prepare these files in software are called embroidery Digitizer who will place stitches manually and define density of the stitches and place other setting for desired placement of the design on fabric. So these are the various things that includes in preparation of the file. After completion the resulted DST file is the Digitized version of the JPG artwork.

By now, you have understanding that for preparation of these files not only require specific computer program known as digitizing software but also a skilled and experienced embroidery digitizer to get the job done professionally. So next question would be what options do we have for conversion of JPG TO DST conversion?

Options for JPG TO DST Conversion:

There are few options available in the market but each is suitable for set of people. Most of the individuals are looking to get it done for free which is impossible to get the design conversion from JPG TO DST as it’s involve digitizing process which comes with cost.

Discussing the cost, we should know what type of costs involve in this process. First one is the cost of Digitizing software and the other one is embroidery Digitizer. No matter, if digitizing software allow to download the files for free as trial yet it needs to be operated by experience person.

There is another option which is by using auto-digitizing process but most of the time the quality is that top notch and it will just make the design look ugly. Although there is the cost of digitizing software which is in thousands dollar to buy the software itself we are talking about Wilcom and Tajima Pulse embroidery digitizing software. If you manage to find auto digitizing software there are very little chance that will meet the quality standard.

The best option is to go with reliable embroidery digitizing service provider. Mostly small designs costs you $15 so rather than go here and there get your design digitized from digitizing company based in USA. This is the most economical solution to get JPG TO DST conversion format.

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