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hat embroidery machine

Every sports team, school, and college has their embroidered logo hats using Hat Embroidery Machine,which make them look complete and stand out from other groups. Even some companies give embroidered hats or caps on special occasions to their employees and other people.  It helps in promoting their business and becomes a souvenir of the company. An embroidered hat can also be given as meaningful gifts to someone special.

The Best Machines for Hat Embroidery:

The following mentioned machines are best for both large and small scale business of hat embroidery.

Brother PE770                —— 138 designs Beginners
Singer Futura XL400 30 Stitches 125 designs Inexpensive machine
Brother SE1900 30 Stitches 128 designs Overall best machine
Janome Memory Craft MC 9500 98 Stitches 90 designs Intermediate user
Janome MB-4S Commercial 98 Stitches 90 designs Small Business


Hat Embroidery Machine For Beginners:

Brother PE770:

It is the best, automated, multi functional,and low-cost embroidery machine for beginner embroiderers. Beginner embroiderers can easily use this machine.


brother pe770 machine


Machine Specifications:

  • 136 integral frame designs ( 10 shapes x 12 stitch patterns )
  • Six distinct fonts
  • LCD touch screen display (2.7 x 1.4 Inches, the size of the LCD enables the embroiderers to outlook design before stitching and makes it easier to edit designs on the machine, for instance, size, mirror imaging, and rotating)
  • Built-in USB Flash Drive Port (Embroiderers can use this USB port to transfer their created designs to the embroidery machine without using extra software)
  • 64 embroidery threads with pre programmed thread tension and thread cutter
  • The machine is capable of stitching
    650 stitches per minute. The speed of stitches can be slowed down, which helps the embroiderers to avoid stitching onto the peak of the cap
  • Brother PE770 has a large flat hoop but does not have a hat hoop. The flat hoop can do the work, but if the embroiderers want a hat hoop, they can purchase it from subcontractors and vendors.

Cheap Hat Embroidery Machine:

Singer Futura XL400:

It is a smooth and dependable machine that has both sewing and embroidery features. It has a large embroidery domain. Embroiderers can link Singer Futura XL-400 to computers and search their desired designs from the internet. But this machine is not compatible with Mac computers. There is  another thing which plays vital role in cheap hat embroidery is finding the right embroidery digitizing company which provides good quality in cheap digitizing price.

Machine Specifications:

  • 125 integral designs
  • Five distinct lettering fonts
  • Automatic Singer’s Swift n Smart Threading feature, but it does not have the automatic thread tension. So the embroiderers will have to closely observe the work
  • Drop and sew bobbin feature, which makes the embroiderers work easier
  • Large embroidery hoop ( 10” by 6” embroiderers can increase this size up to 20” by 12” by using built-in software)
  • 30 built-in stitches with two computerized one-step buttonholes
  • It has a LED light on the sewing area that helps in viewing work and minimizing eye strain


The Best Overall Hat Embroidery Machine:

Brother SE1900:

This brother machine has magnificent attributes. It has both sewing and embroidery features.

brother SE 1900 mmachine


Machine Specifications:

  • 138 built-in embroidery designs and 250 built-in sewing stitches, this feature enables the embroiderers to choose between embroidery and sewing as per requirement
  • 11 distinct lettering fonts
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Top drop bobbin
  • Automatic thread tension is not present, but thread tension can be adjusted
  • Grand Slam bundle is included with this machine, which consists of 5000 extra designs, cap hoop, and other sewing essentials.
  • The panel of function keys is located in a way that embroiderers can easily use the start and stop button, needle up and down button
  • Automatic thread trimming
  • Built-in USB Flash Drive Port (Embroiderers can use this USB port to transfer their created designs to
    the embroidery machine without using extra software)
  • The embroidery area is huge 5” to 7”, which helps the embroiderers to make large designs with ease
  • My Custom Stitch function helps the embroiderers to create their design stitches
  • LCD touch screen display ( the LCD enables the embroiderers to outlook design before stitching and makes it easier to edit designs on the machine, for instance, size, mirror imaging, and rotating)

Hat Embroidery Machine Best for Intermediate users:

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500:

This machine has both embroidery and sewing features and generates quality products. Although it has countless features, still embroiderers can use it easily. Embroiderers can easily select a stitch, length, width,then a machine will select tension automatically. But it is expensive in comparison to other machines.

Janome Memory Craft MC 9500

Machine Specifications:

  • 90 integral embroidery designs and 98 built-in sewing stitches
  • 3 distinct fonts
  • 3 monogram designs
  • Automatic needle Threading feature
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • 7 feed box system, which makes the machine capable of handling both light and heavy fabrics
  • Huge embroidery area up to 5.5” by 7.9”, specifically useful for hat embroidery
  • Two embroidery hoops
  • Automatic thread tension enables the embroiderer to do consistent stitching
  • LCD touch screen display ( back lit screen of 4.7”, helps the embroiderers to view design before stitching and makes it easier to edit designs on the machine, for instance, size, mirror imaging, and rotating, adding lettering  in lower or upper case, changing fonts)
  • Compact flash memory card to transfer designs
  • Visible onscreen buttons that reduce confusion

Hat Embroidery Machine Best for Small Business:

Janome MB-4S Commercial 4 Needle Embroidery Machine:

It is the most expensive and heavier machine of all the machines discussed above. This machine can be used for both purposes either, home-use embroidery or small business. It is the first most efficient machine for home-use. It takes time to understand the function of this machine. Embroiderers might not be able to easily use it at the start.



Machine Specifications:

  • 4 Needles machine, enables the embroiderers to work on multiple projects at a time and fewer thread changes
  • Huge embroidery area up to 9.4” by 9.7” and works with four supplied hoops or six industry-standard hoops. It can stitch by using 10 different hoops
  • 50 built-in fonts
  • 10 monograms designs
  • 3MB memory, which can store 100 designs and 1.5 million stitches
  • Embroiderers can transfer designs through a USB port by connecting to computers
  • Remote computer screen of 5.7” the embroiderers can easily see a screen that helps them  to edit the design and adjust control set-up
  • LED light
  • Bobbin winder which is 1.4” greater than normal bobbin and works even during stitching
  • Automatic thread cutter

Recommended Hat Embroidery Machine:

Embroiderer’s main purpose while embroidering hat is the machine’s ability to complete the design efficiently with ease and quality standards. To achieve this purpose, it is recommended to use Brother SE1900, which is economical and has the capability of all functions and a combo of sewing and embroidery. Embroiderers can embroider the hat as well as include some adorning stitching from the 240 built-in designs or custom designs as choices of designs are infinite.

The second recommended machine is Brother PE770 5 x 7. It is a great choice for embroiderers having piles of projects. This machine has only an embroidery feature and does not have a sewing feature. It has 136 built-in designs, 10 frame shapes, 12 border styles, and 6 distinct lettering fonts. It has a huge embroidery surface of up to 5” x 7” for greater designs and lettering work with a back lit display and a built-in USB port to transfer designs. This machine’s efficiency is reduced in full fabric embroidery. It has a dedicated feature of extra editing options.




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