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Convert JPG to PES Embroidery File

Have you ever wondered What is the process to convert JPG to PES file is like? If you’re new to the embroidery digitizing business or have taken it up as a hobby, by now you would have started to look for answers. So, without further ado let’s delve into this topic and start from the very basics. First we need to familiarize ourselves with the two kinds of formats. But honestly whether you’re an Embroiderer or a non-embroiderer, JPEG format needs no introduction. It is the most common type of file format largely used to compress images data and storing altered images without distorting its quality during compression. But the question is


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What is PES file format?

Apparently, PES file extension is an Embroidery file format which uses Embroidery machines for its manufacturing process. There are certain embroidery softwares used to create this file format like CorelDraw. The PES format is mostly used by home embroiderers machines but not by embroidery machines that need manufacturing on a very large scale in the industry. It consists of instructions in the form of coding such as “Start” , “skip” or “stop” or commands related to stitching length, density and other settings which are received and understood by the embroidery machines to stitch their designated pattern.

Now that these two terms are elucidated, We should move on to the bigger picture. How to convert JPG to PES format. In simple wordings this conversion is actually the process of Embroidery Digitizing. So, For the conversion to take place what we require is:

  • Professional manual input first of all.
  • Secondly we need certain softwares that aid this manufacturing and make the job easier for the embroidery digitizer.

So considering these requirements, the idea to convert JPG to PES file can’t take place with any of them missing. The softwares only aids the embroidery digitizer who is able to produce the embroidery file format which is compatible with embroidery machines.

But is there a way you can manage it by yourself. One option is to understand Embroidery Digitizing Softwares, apprehend its knows and how’s, train yourself which is obviously not a child’s play. It not only takes patience and practice to learn how to handle Embroidery Digitizing Softwares but also dedicated time and strenuous efforts to do so.

Using Auto-Digitizing

Another option is the elimination of manual input that is the digitizer and usage of technology to do the job for you. This process is called Auto-digitizing. That means you don’t need to learn much about Embroidery digitizing softwares yourself and rely on computer aided technology to come up with results. But let’s face the major disadvantage in doing so. The final output produced is of pretty crappy quality no matter how high-ended softwares you use. There is much improvement needed in this sector. Auto-digitizing can certainly be used to improve the speed of the whole process with the help of a professional embroidery digitizer. Any mistakes done by the machines can be improvised or corrected and altered by the punching digitizer hence producing the desired images. But taking the embroidery digitizer out of the picture is one concept that hasn’t really succeeded yet. Though technology has recently shown a lot of advancement in this sector and this option can be seriously considered in the coming years, for now let’s just set it aside.

There are several websites offering free auto-digitizing softwares, you can try using them to your advantage such as:

  • Stitch Era Universal (Free)
  • Hatch by Wilcom (free trial of 30 days)
  • Embird

OutSource Embroidery Digitizing

The best option in my opinion is to get an Embroidery digitizing Service to do the work for you. These service providers convert JPG to PES, JPG to DST file format for you at a very minimal fees and quicker turn-around time. You can avoid so much hassles of putting in strenuous effort and huge amount of time in understanding problematic Softwares all together. Beginners and small -home established business owners opt for this option because of lack of knowledge and expertise in this area. Nevertheless this option is open not only to them but commercially producing Embroidery Digitized files also find it suitable because of low costs. Instead of hiring professional digitizers which certainly can cost an arm or a leg, they outsource their designs from such Embroidery Digitizing Service Providers.


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