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Digitizing of a design for embroidery requires knowledge and skills to make design top notch quality to achieve desired result. There are several modern software out there which are sophisticated and very easy to use and provide complete detail but sometimes even experts scratch their heads to use it effectively. There are many ways to make design look beautiful even simple design can have various way of digitizing and having stitches in the objects. Each type of stitches will give different look to the artwork. To achieve the best result it is important to assign every function properly. Even some of the best embroidery USA Digitizer have made mistake because of the placement of the decimals in wrong places. Every decimal is count when it comes to the stitches. Wrongly Placed Stitches can chaos in the production which will cost not only bad quality but also money. We understand that some designs needs to be digitized in urgent but quality work requires proper attention in details of the design.

Digitizing Levels for USA Embroidery Digitizer

Different software package follows different paths to reach the same endpoint. In some cases, an option that’s upsetting in one software might be OK with another. We have well experienced USA Digitizers because we are registered company in USA and having native USA Digitizer is our top priority so that there is no communication barrier and proper understanding of the instruction given by our clients. Quality of the USA Digitizer can be define in level Skills from 1-6. Level-1 embroidery Digitizer is very basic and first level where embroidery Digitizer get to know about the tools in the software and start punching small letters from A-Z. These types of level in quality make us different from other companies. You will never if your current embroidery USA Digitizer is of level-6 Digitizer or Level-2. New embroidery Digitizer gets confuse when applying new setting in the software. You often had experience where you ask your embroidery Digitizer to make revised of the logo with new instructions or sent sample of the sewn out design where threads are puckering and you get the revised files having same problem. This is due the level of Digitizers. Your current Digitzer is of Level-2 and new Digitizers don’t know how to fix such issues. There are 5 types of category where Embroidery USA Digitizer make mistakes. Let’s go through each of them below.

Embroidery Digitizing Software Settings

Every software has it’s own setting panel for stitching. In those panel, types of stitches are mention from Satin stitches, running stitches, tatami stitches. Each type of stitches has its own impact on the design quality. Applying type of stitches one each can make huge difference in the quality of the design. It is important to apply accurate setting to each object for great quality result.
Playing with these settings for learning is good but such practice should be follow when doing embroidery digitizing for client unless you know what you are doing and what effect can it make on the design. Level-6 Embroidery USA Digitizer as these are consider as expert embroidery Digitizer in embroidery digitizing services are already aware delivering high quality design files to their clients. Level-1 embroidery Digitizer are consider as trainee and they should practice on the software and take their time to master the software tools and should not be given client’s design for embroidery digitizing.

Wrong Way of using tools.

To understand this let’s consider a software that comes with auto built in setting that allow to apply underlay stithces. Underlay comes in various types where each having it’s own subset of settings.

In top density setting case one can place the custom value in the box for a common walk stitch underlay. Setting stitch count procedure is same as adjusting the density. There is one difference though that if we place smaller number of stitch count that will make needle point closer. In case of density it is opposite, by reducing the density needle point will be pushed further away. Thus stitch counts are reduced.

If underlay stitch point are too close that will cause the thread to constantly break during production. It can create clusters on the fabric forcing needle to penetrate it that may cause breaking of the needle because of the too much force exerted on the needle.

These types of mistakes are common with new embroidery USA Digitizer and are costly for the embroiderer. It is a reason why embroiderers are always searching for USA Digitizer with great experience for quality work. Sometimes when project deadline approaching there is no time for testing so this is important to choose a digitizing company which embroiderer can trust on.

Placement of the Stitches in Wrong Way

Proper embroidery digitizing and to acheive great result needs an expert. A small mistake in the placement of the stitches can ruin the design quality. If a digitizer taken a wrong start, the entire process will be proceed in wrong way until the end. Such type of Digitizer lose their reputation and it also cause embroiderer burden on his pocket.

Embroidery Digitizing is a long learning process and not some shortcut to make easy money by making mistake which cause money to others. This is the reason why embroiderer should be careful when choosing local USA Digitizer. It would be best to choose a good digitizing company which are based in USA and not an individuals.

It can be costly but quality is what it’s all about. If you have to run a design which is of 30,000 stitches for 2-3 times where is the saving in this even digitizing will cost you lower from local USA Digitizer. So it’s better to have the design digitized from professional company and stitch out the design in one go.

We make sure every design is check from our quality control department before releasing to the client so that they have good quality result. Currently we are running promotion offer which you can avail.

  • First 5 left chest or cap design in $12 each.
  • Normal Jacket back design in $30.

AUTO Tool usage:

Almost every embroidery digitizing software provide auto tool features for digitizing but think why there would be a place for digitizer if auto digitizing tool comes with software. Embroidered can easily buy the software and do the auto digitizing and run the design and have the great quality. Auto Digitizing never guaranteed you the quality and good embroiderer knows what is the difference between auto digitizing tool and manual digitizing. Good Embroidery USA Digitizer worries about the quality and don’t use auto digitizing tool.

We at MEGA DIGITIZING don’t believe in auto digitizing. Every design we digitize is manual by hand and we urge every embroiderer to not go for those company who use auto digitizing. Usually such companies are those who provide low price digitizing. In embroidery business you get what you pay for.

We are MEGA DIGITIZING, Expert Team of USA Digitizers

Mega Digitizing is a company and register in USA. We are based in two states. Our production house is in Michigan and Digitizing house based in Viginia. We have team of local expert USA Digitizer. We provide each client a dedicated expert USA Digitizer to ensure the best quality results. If you are looking for an american digitizing company Mega Digitizing is the right place for all your embroidery digitizing needs.

We are running Promotion offer for new clients

  • Any first 5 Left chest or cap design in $12 each.
  • Normal Jacket back design in $30



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