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Guide to Buy Embroidery Digitizing Software


How to Select Best Embroidery Software?

Although mostly embroiderer are well-acquainted with embroidery, dealing with embroidery digitizing software can often create hurdles in their way to bring their visions to reality. Moreover, It so happens they’re not aware of the consequences of choosing a software that is not compatible with their machines or does not have the right features. It is too costly for what attributes it has in-built. Our motive in this article is to direct you to the most appropriate Embroidery Digitizing software that most embroiderer used, that may assist you in reaching your target. So let’s start first with familiarizing ourselves with some terms commonly used with respect to embroidery digitizing software and what features to look for when purchasing Digitizing Software so that you don’t get lost in the process.

File formats:

It’s a standard way of coding whatever information you want to store in a computer based format. Most commonly used file formats ar JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF and Raw image files.


It is the proficiency of the particular software to alter the shape and size of your digital graphic design.

Embroidery Fonts:

These are the digitized fonts that are included in default setting in a digitizing software that can be easily used to create letters or alphabets in the design.

Vector Conversion:

Often embroiders require to convert their raster images to vector image to avoid distorting pixels when resizing it.

After understanding these simple terms let’s have a brief look at what different Embroidery digitizing softwares have to offer:

1. Brother PE Design

Brother-PE-Design-Embroidery Software

It is considered one of the best embroidery digitizing software today which has quiet a heck of features to offer. Their much progressive user-friendly graphical interfaces is the major reason behind its popularity. They offer a trial version so you can try them out before purchasing. In order to install this version certain requirements should be met in your system which includes:

  • Operating system (Windows 8.1, 7 or 10)
  • Processor 1 GHZ or more
  • Memory 1 GB or more
  • Hard disk Free space 600 Mb
  • Monitor XGA (1024 x 768) ,16 bit color or higher
  • Internet access

The trial version ofcourse has very limited functions in comparison with the purchased one. The price of the software is $410. It is considered a very affordable option for its distinctive attributes that it includes. This company not only provides softwares but is also known world wide for their diversified range in sewing machines and automations.

2. Embrilliance Stitch Artist

Embrilliance Stitch Artist Interface

Stitchartist is the kind of program which can be used to produce an innovative embroidery digitized design on both MAC and PC from the starting point. It consists of three levels each priced as you go higher. The prices for level 1,2,3 are $170, $380 and $650. You can decide which level suits your preference and usage. Level one is for hobbyist and has limited functions but is able to produce non-complex designs such as applique work, running stitch designs or filling simple shapes etc. Beginners start from the “Embrilliance Essentials” which has the range of features for everyday use. Then comes level two which also includes level one enabling its user to create innovative designs and a lot more things to learn.

Likewise, Level three includes level one and two and is a great combination of all levels providing a complete set of tools to create complicated designs for users working commercially in the digitizing industry.

What’s great about it is all the embrilliance applications that you purchase will be added up to form a single application with a diverse variety of functions and options. They also have to offer 90 days money back guarantee.

3. Wilcom Embroidery Studio Digitizing software

Wilcom Embroidery Digitizing Software

This Embroidery Digitizing software is more like a comprehensive solution to all digitizers  needs. They provide a whole series of softwares serving different perspectives. Can easily be handled by both beginners and professionally skilled digitizers. They have several tutorials and training videos to guide beginners. If you plan to outsource your designs , highest possibilities are the digitizer shall use Wilcom embroidery digitizing software because it provides high quality flawless results.

Their versions are priced as follows:

Decorating (for beginners) -£1899

Designing (for professionals) – £2999

can be subscribed monthly for which charges are £99 per month.

Lettering (for professionals) – £499

Editing (for professionals)- £899

4. TAJIMA DG/ML by Pulse – Embroidery Digitizing Software

Tajima Pulse Digitizing Software

 For a price around $6000, it is considered one of the high-end digitizing embroidery softwares allowing the embroider to create high-tech and intricate embroidery designs. They include a vast array of embellishment approaches such as Sequin, Chenille, Lachrose and Laser. Program levels that they offer are Maestro, Artist plus, Illustrator extreme, Creator and composer each serving its own purpose. They also have great vector compatibility and color retention while copying and pasting.

5. Melco DesignShop V10

Melco DesignShop V10

It is yet another digitizing embroidery software that is very straight-forward and adaptable. Their vector compatibility is one of the many features that distinguishes them from several other digitizing softwares. It enables its users to change a vector image into stitches while maintaining the color and image properties. They offer 3 options according to the user’s embroidery needs which are Lite, Vector and PRO+ features of which can be read in their user manual. They offer their users over 160 Embroidery fonts, digitizing tools such as UnaFill splicer and Auto underlay. To conclude it’s a very handy software that is basically “All in one” for a beginner or advanced digitizing user at a price of $3495 which everyone should give a try.

Before you decide to buy embroidery digitizing software for your business needs, It’s always best to start with free embroidery digitizing softwares available in the market.

Embroidery Digitizing Services

In conclusion essential points one should bear in mind while purchasing Embroidery Digitizing Software is paying attention to its advanced user-interface design and compatibility of that software with the embroiderer’s machine. It should give exceptional performance in terms of Technology enabling the user to produce superlative quality of sophisticated digitized embroidery designs and in doing so, shouldn’t cost one an arm or a leg. You can compare prices and read real-time customer reviews of the digitizing software that you want to purchase before making your decision. Or another good option is Outsourcing. You can also use Mega Digitizing to do your job for a much cheaper price and avoid all hassles. Why not give us a try?



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