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embroidery punching

embroidery punching

Thanks to embroidery punching,  we are all able to see and love embroidery designs on shirts, hats, jackets and other garments nowadays. This is a well known fact and it’s exciting to know  that embroidered designs can be sewn on different types and ranges of products. But have you ever wondered, how these designs or concepts of embroidery design made possible to be placed on garment? This is because of Embroidery Punching. This is also known as embroidery digitizing.

What is Embroidery Punching?

Embroidery Punching is a process to convert artwork into embroidery form to be placed on garments. Embroidery punching or embroidery digitizing is the most important part when it comes to embroidery. Every embroidery needs an embroidery digitizer for embroidery digitizing to prepare the files for the embroidery machine. It’s a must process for the embroidery production unit.

Embroidery Punching Formats for Embroidery Machine

Digital embroidery punching is the process of converting jpg to DST or jpg to PES for the most embroidery machine. Embroidery machines can not accept jpg and convert it into embroidery format which is understandable by the embroidery machine.  These embroidery files are also known as stitch files. It is created by using embroidery digitizing software. There are tons of free embroidery digitizing softwares available in the market as a trial but with limited features.

A professional embroidery punching service provider will use the tools in the embroidery software to place input of the stitch, it’s length and details of the design, trims, underlays  which embroidery machine can read and embroider any design.

One stitch file can be used for various placement of the garment like the left chest can be placed on shirts, hoodies, towels with some minor changes in setting of the file.

Advantage of using Embroidery Punching Services

If you are an embroiderer, you know that the production of the embroidery can directly be affected by embroidery punching. The speed of which production of the orders run can directly be affected by the created files by embroidery digitizing software. It is vital that the stitch files run smoothly, with less jump stitches to make your machine run smoother, faster and enable you to finish the order on time. Stitch files work as brains for the machine. One bad embroidery file can ruin the whole order which can lead to losing the customer which will become the reason to affect the yearly generated  revenue of your company.

Advantage in Commercial Production

embroidery punching advantages

For commercial order, quality of digitized design really matters  because production will be running in full space and one small mistake in the digitized file or less dense stitches in the design that can show background of the fabric which will result in bad quality of the design stitched out and probably lost of the potential customer or big order.

Another advantage of the digitized file is that they can be used in different products with some little minor changes in size, stitches. Usually a cap design can be used for the left chest design, a very common term used for this purpose is COMBO design. Design can be used on different fabrics as well by some adjustment in the design. Same design can be embroidered on towels, shirts, hats, mats, rugs, curtains, gloves, napkins and other material as well.

How professional embroidery punching service can help you?

A professional embroidery punching service provider will also offer accuracy, perfection and less time for the design to sew out from the machine. If design is perfectly digitized, there will be less chance for the revision of the design which will save you money, effort and time. A design embroidered with fast speed so it’s the job of the good embroidery digitizer to make sure that each part of the design sew out great without breaking the needles. These detailed designs on embroider are because of the digitized file. It’s very important to have a good embroidery digitizer for your detailed designs because your whole production is dependent on the quality of the digitized file and time taken to sew-out that design perfectly.

How does Embroidery Digitizing works?

Embroidery Digitizing requires a computer with a digitizing software. There are  numbers of embroidery digitizing software available in the market but the real beast in this industry is Wilcom digitizing software. Although there is another software name as Tajima Pulse but MegaDigitizing prefers Wilcom over Tajima Pulse. Every software has its own set of tools, usually these tools are pretty much the same but with little different interface. For input, fill and complexity then properties like  density, size, trims. It requires special skills and years of practice to get expertise in embroidery digitizing. If you are a beginner, then we would recommend to use trial version and get familiar with the software first and then start practicing on small designs. You can get the list of embroidery digitizing software for free which compares the features of each software. This will enable you to decide which will work best for your embroidery digitizing needs.

Embroidery Digitizing Punching Services for you

By now, you must get the picture that it’s not an easy job to digitize the design perfectly easily. If not then let’s summarize what it takes to digitize the design professionally. You would need embroidery digitizing software, time to learn that software and a lot of practice to get the design digitized with perfection. Other than this, embroidery digitizing software has its own price which may not be an economical solution for your embroidery digitizing needs. We are providing embroidery digitizing services for left chest or cap design in $15 (unlimited number of stitches) and Jacket back in just $30 as start. This will be a perfect solution for your embroidery digitizing needs as you don’t have to pay per stitches like other digitizing companies will charge you. We have customer support 24/7 and your production will run smoothly with our digitized files with less trims which will save your production time and money. There will be no extra charge for revision or size change if needed.

To put cherry on top, currently we are running a promotion offer for you that is any left chest or cap design in just $12. So sign up now or send us your design using quick inquiry form.



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