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What do we mean by Custom Embroidery Digitizing?


Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Custom Embroidery Digitizing is a technical process in which conversion of a graphic artwork takes place into a digitized file format containing instructions in the form of codes that is readable only by embroidery machines. The stitches are made according to the input provided which then turns it into a decent designed embroidery. The digitized PES file format can be used multiple times repeatedly, unlike paperwork formats, to create the same quality of designs.

Apparently, as simple as it sounds, it is not the job of a common person but requires heavy automation and technical expertise to handle. There are several intricacies of embroidery digitizing one needs to learn and understand before even attempting it.

Where do we use the custom Embroidery digitizing?

In almost every field of life we use customized embroidery digitizing. In this article we will thoroughly discuss where and how does embroidery digitizing benefit us.

Promotion or Advertisement of Brands:

In order to promote your newly launched brand or to make it more memorable, custom digitizing is the way to go! It makes your brand stand out and gives it more professional look.

Fundraising Event

You can use customized embroidery digitizing to promote your organization or NGO in order to collect more funds at fundraising event. This also makes people memorize your organization and reach out to you for donations.

Decorations at an occasion

To spice up party decoration, what better way than having tiny details of embroidery on fabrics used. It provides a better opportunity to show off your theme.

Apparel embroidery digitizing

Best use of Custom embroidery digitizing is on dresses, pants, t-shirts, gym clothes, sportswear, caps, gloves, etc. You may create your own fashion statement.

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Decorating interior in the house

Personalized items always give a more homely appearance to your house. You can have towels, curtains, covers etc digitized to improve the interior of the house.

Sports wear for the entire team

Create customized embroidered monograms on uniforms of your team to give them a neat and disciplined look which also creates unity among the members.

Long lasting quality

Customized embroidery digitizing is not just some paperwork document that can be lost anytime. It can be stored for as long as you wish, and you may create same product over and over again using the digitized file without hindering its quality.

As Gifts

On occasions such as holidays giving a personalized gift holds sentimental values and leaves a huge impact on the person receiving it. This can be a perfect way to create memories.

Actually, the list is endless. One is always dumbfounded by the diversity this industry has to offer in terms of day to-day usage. All sorts of merchandise can be customized using Embroidery Digitizing in different fields. This industry has gained popularity in a very short time and is evolving each day thanks to latest technologies and advancements.

We have several articles on this blog which gives a comprehensive guide how to go for this custom embroidery digitizing. It requires an efficient brain to search for the right direction. A diverse range of tutorials are available online which can teach you to digitize step by step.

A lot free trials of embroidery softwares are also available to aid the production . But it does require considerable amount of time devotion to be able to learn these techniques and gain adequate level of expertise to be able to make it yourself. You shouldn’t opt for this long route unless you’re considering to be in business yourself.

Custom Embroidery Digitizing

Considering the time consumption it takes for the whole process, why not outsource your embroidery digitized designs. You can always put MegaDigitizing at work and rely on them for quality enriched custom embroidery digitizing for your merchandise.

We assure best results in shortest time possible with free editing of first design up till it reaches your satisfaction. So why wait when you can let us handle all the work for you? Your order is just one click away.



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