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Embroidery Stitch Names and Types

embroidery stitches names
embroidery stitches names

Introduction of Embroidery

The work of embroidery isn’t an easy system as it may appear. It comprises of a variety of elements that one should be aware of before taking up any work. For the finishing touch of any work related to embroidery, you need to have good enough know-how of what types of Embroidery stitches are present. If right now you don’t any clue what we are referring to, Do not stress. By the end of the article you will become well acquainted with a lot of terms you might not have heard before.

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What is an Embroidery Stitch?

An embroidery stitch is also referred as an embroidery swing. A lot of different types embroidery swings are available to choose from. Not only this but each and every needle drops is also some kind of stitch. This remains true to the face that if you have done a thousand stitches on a particular design, then the needle will have to drop a thousand times. Moreover, it’s also one of the clean strategies to get statistics approximately about the variety of needle drops at a particular design. As far as statistics are concerned, they are necessary due to the fact the pricing and timing are depending on this count of stitches. Remembering this,it can be said that stitch and embroidery are both related to each other.

Now let’s delve into the variety of different types of embroidery stitches present so we may be able to create these embroidery stitches without any hassle:

Embroidery Stitch Types

There is an extensive variety of embroidery stitches that exist in any of the embroidery softwares that you’re going to use. Moreover, there are some embroidery stitches as well that can be done by hand. Today, we’re going through a number of critical embroidery stitches. These facts will assist you to analyze approximately about how machine embroidery works. But before we carry on, you may have to understand about the utilization and the distinction between the fundamental Embroidery stitches.

Satin Stitch

Satin Embroidery

The satin stitch can also be referred to as a jump stitch. This type of embroidery stitch uses a “left-right-left-right” method.Its importance is established as one of the most essentially used stitch in embroidery work It is very convenient and easy to create and gives perfect finishing to your task. If you’re having an item that is less than one cm, you ought to use satin stitches.

This is a sequence of flat stitches that completely covers a piece of cloth material. You can also execute the slim rows of satin sew on a well-known stitching gadget by the usage of a zigzag stitch or a unique satin stitch foot.

 This type of embroidery satin stitch made by machine,is to define and attach appliques to the fabric material.It is likewise having distinctive versions as indexed below:

  • Brick: In this, trade rows of the satin stitches are offset with the aid of using 1/2 of of the stitching length. It works in numerous associated shades and it permits stepped shading. It is likewise known as a beadwork technique.
  • Bourdon: It is a decent decorating stitch kind used for monograms and designing purposes.
  • Encroaching: In this, the pinnacle of every row of stitches is about among the bottoms of stitches at the preceding row.
  • Padded: Here the shapes are full of rows of small walking stitches that converts to satin stitches later.
  • Long and Short: This is for satisfactory shading. In the primary row of satin stitches, each different sew is 1/2 of the period of its neighbor. Furthermore, the following rows in associated shades are of the identical period.

Tatami Stitch


It is likewise referred to as a fill stitch. To fill massive area objects, we opt for the fill stitch. When an item is greater than 1 cm in size, then tatami stitch is the proper choice to go for. It is also one of the first-class stitches that gives you incredible artistic work. Mainly the form of tatami is exclusive in appearance from a satin stitch however subsequently it’s miles smooth and appears effortless.  Moreover, you can also change the tatami effects on various angles and shapes.

Running Stitch



Triple Run Stitch

triple running stitch


3D Puff Stitch

3d Puff stitch


Zigzag Stitch

This is sort of a left-right zigzag stitch. It is similar to satin stitch in a lot of ways  however one fine distinction is that the satin stitch is like immediately one-line angle while the zigzag stitch is created going from one angle to another.

Remember that on the basis of spacing between the stitches, you can tell whether it’s a zig zag stitch or a satin stitch. If it has sufficient amount of spacing in between, it is counted as a zigzag stitch.

Cross Stitch

There are many types of cross stitches available which are widely used in embroidery designs. Some of the types of cross stitches consists of:

  • Spaced Cross Stitch.
  • Double cross stitch.
  • Double sided cross stitch.
  • Long armed cross stitch.
  • Hungarian Cross Stitch.
  • Herringbone stitch.
  • Double Herringbone stitch.
  • Italian cross stitch.

Among the cross stitch types, the full cross stitch type is one of the most popularly used stitch type done in embroidery by hand.

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